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What am I going to learn?

Which plugins do you really need?

You will learn how to use the tools you have in order to create a huge drum mix!

How to prepare your session

A good mixdown is 50% preparation – you’ll discover what you need to do before you can start.

Copy of How to mix punchy drums without losing quality

You will learn how to make your drums pump but also stay natural at the same time


How to use it properly and turn it into magic


Why we need different types of EQ and what we can do with them

Reverb Designing?

Why is reverb sooo important and why we can do so many mistakes with it.


You will need any digital audio workstation for this course (Cubase, Logic, Protools, Ableton, etc…) No previous knowledge is required!


This course is made for home-recording-engineersyoutube-drummers that want to create a better drum mix, bands that want to make international sounding drum – records at home and people that want to improve their mixing skills on the drum-set.

This course is completely focused on mixing the drum-set and starting completely from scratch. No previous knowledge is required!

The course will last about 2 hours and it will guide you through several processes, step by step (99% Video).

Target Audience

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    This course is for people that want to improve their drum mixing skills!

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    You are a musician, have any DAW and want to record a drumset? Welcome, this is the right place to start!

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    You are a drummer and want to record your own drumset? Perfect – enroll now!

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    You already have a lot of experience with recording drumsets, but still you are not really satisfied with your results? You will benefit a lot by enrolling in this course!

The Fastest Way for You to Let Your Mixes Shine!

Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating awesome mix-downs on their own – in their home-studio… and maybe you feel the same way. Isn’t it absolutely necessary to have a multi-million dollar mixing console and an equally expensive room ? It’s time to realize that you can create killer mixes on your own, if you learn some simple techniques that you can use in your home-studio with plugins only.


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    Monitoring, your room, your ears, your speakers and a kitchen radio

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    Limited Budget

    What can you do, if you have only a limited number of recording tracks?

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    How to phase your microphones in postproduction

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    Gain Staging

    Keep your signals within the green area and save headroom for the mixing process.

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    How to organize your tracks before you start mixing

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    Parallel Processing

    Discover the magic that makes things sound awesome

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    Single Channels EQ

    How to eq your single channels

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    Bus Channels EQ

    How to eq the final bus channels

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    Compress your drums without losing signal

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    Noise Gate

    Time to clean up

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    Reverb designing

    How to choose the right reverb for the right channels

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    Only 12 Mics?

    Discover my secret technique, how to mix a huge drum sound even with only 8 microphones

I liked the course very much. As our instructor says often, very cool.Alex Antonelli
Well explainedRobert Horvath
Christian does an excellent job of providing detailed explanations of each step. Very informational.Drew Bourke
High quality all the way through, and a lot of tips of how to make a great drum sound. Especially enjoyed the extra parts about how to trigger and add vst drum sounds in your mix, at the very end of the course.Jonas Lindsköld
comprehensible explanations, good structure of the course, professionally prepared and presented, pleasant instructor,… – looking forward to further courses!

Love it!Lukas Ehrenhöfer

super !!Gallet Emmanuel
Easy and clear advice! Nice and friendly coach.

Many hints in detail and special tipps. Great!Werner Lager

Content in detail

1. Introduction
4. How to correctly phase your microphones
5. Resume
6. Introduction
7. Kick Drum
8. Snare Drum
9. Overheads
10. Room Mics, HiHat and Ride
11. Toms
12. Resume
13. About Routing
14. Resume
15.Parallel Processing
16. Resume
17. About Single Channels
18.Kick Drum Sub Mic
19. Kick Drum Inside
20. Kick Drum Outside
21. Snare Drum
22. Toms
23. HiHat and Ride
24. Overheads and Room Mics
25. About Bus Tracks
26. Kick Drum
27. Snare Drum
28. Toms
29. Overheads and Room Mics
30. Drums All
31. Resume
32. Introduction
33. Threshold
34. Ratio
35. Attack
36. Release
37. Output
38. Kick Drum
39.Snare Drum
40. Overheads
41. Room Microphones
42. Drums All
43. Resume
44. Introduction
45. Resume
46. Introduction
47. Kick Drum
48. Snare Drum
49. Overheads, Room Mics and Toms
50. Resume
51. Introduction
52. Triggering
53. Audio to Midi
54. Resume